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Untitled Emotion Wet Series #4

Untitled Emotion Wet Series #4

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Oil on Plexiglass

This beautiful original painting is an experimental part of the Wet Series an exploration of water and emotions. It is a beautiful example of abstract impressionism and was completed in December 2021. The plexiglass when held up to the light is translucent. This painting is unframed. 

"I no longer will label my feelings as positive or negative. So much beauty in the range of feelings and when I look at these colors, I feel it all so deeply.
Why make sense of it and try to define it or box it in, or place some type order to it? This painting is a little snapshot of a short period of time in my life, my work, my love, my chaos.
No need to analyze, this is what the chaos of my life looks like, not the intentionally curated aspect that I usually share. This is me right now, in this moment and ever changing, ever growing."  Juanita Aguerrebere

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