Hola! I'm Juanita Aguerrebere!

Thank you for visiting to get to know me better. While many of you may not be familiar with me yet, I am a newly emerging artist and muralist based in Honolulu, Hawaii. You might have encountered my work on TV or around Honolulu; I made my painting debut on the hit show CBS Hawaii Five-O in 2019, followed by showcases at Pow Wow Hawaii 2020 and CBS Magnum PI the same year. My art is a heartfelt expression of my love and passion for Hawaii, imbued with a deep sense of connection and cultural pride from an indigenous point of view.

**My Artistic Journey**

My journey as an artist took root when I turned 40 and began exploring art therapy as a means to heal from intimate partner violence. This experience opened floodgates to my artistic talent, revealing a depth within me that I hadn't fully tapped into before. With unstoppable creativity flowing, I returned to my alma mater, the University of Hawaii, to hone my skills in drawing and oil painting.

**Empowering Through Art**

I am dedicated to creating powerful, heart-provoking experiences of love through my paintings and murals. My mission is simple yet profound: to break financial barriers in the art world as an indigenous woman, becoming a world-recognized artist, and paving the way for future generations of indigenous children.

**Honors and Recognition**

In 2023, my dedication to art and cultural representation was recognized at the "Artists of Hawaii" show, where I received the esteemed Honolulu Museum of Art Award (HoMa) for Painting for my paintings "View of the Safe House" #1&2. This award is a testament to my commitment to being a painter and the transformative impact of art in both my approach and my journey.

**Explore, Buy, and Collect**

I invite you to explore my portfolio, experience the love and passion infused in each piece, and consider adding my artwork to your collection. Whether you're a seasoned art collector or someone looking for a meaningful piece to adorn your space, I believe my art can resonate with you on a profound level.

Thank you for being a part of my artistic world!

Juanita Aguerrebere